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The Rage

A funny story about my son getting stuck in a public restaurant toilet turns into a lesson on rage management- Posted to The Dad Letters last week.

The Dad Letters


Recently I’ve found out that the oldest of you has something inside you I like to refer to as “The Rage.”

All three of you might be afflicted with this thing that your mother would begrudge me for failing to mention “definitely comes from dad’s side of the family.” But at this point in time, I can only confirm that it’s you, Micah, who, carries this curse.

I call it “The Rage” because I feel like it deserves the respect given to a proper noun, and because it’s far from an issue with anger or bouts of emotional mania. It’s ever-present, close to the surface, and a constant companion that you’ll have to learn to reckon with.

I think Mark Ruffalo best described what co-habitating with “The Rage” is like in his take on Bruce Banner in Marvel’s The Avengers:

“I’m always angry” about sums it up. But here’s…

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