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The New Kid Dance

I wrote this for The Dad Letters. We switched our kids to a new school this week, and I was pretty nervous about how my kindergartener would handle it. It went better than expected, and provided me with an incredible example of kindness and warmth in the process.

The Dad Letters


The oldest two of you became “The New Kid” yesterday. Your mother and I made a decision that we thought would be best for you and moved you to the neighborhood public school. We agonized over this choice, and even when we trusted our instincts enough to pull the trigger on the move, there was still some trepidation that this would be the event that eventually cements a lifetime filled with juvy stints and therapist bills. I was the new kid several times in my school career. Fifth grade was the very first time I actually started a school year in the same place I had been the year before. Moving schools and making friends can be tough, and your mother and I weren’t sure how you’d handle it.

At the end of the day, we just want to do what’s best without being solely responsible for breaking or…

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