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6 Rules For Marrying a Sports Fan

I wrote this for The Dad Letters. My wife is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I thought it would be fun to outsline some rules for my kids based on my experience married to a fellow sports enthusiast. My favorite of the six rules I laid out was this one:

2. You have to have at least one team in common.

This is a must, and another reason it pays to go to college. If you meet your significant other anywhere other than the campus of University of Phoenix online, you have yourself a built in allegiance. Your mother and I are both Sun Devils, and Arizona State University football is our common ground. I’d argue that there are a couple of ways around this rule, such as waiting until you have kids, and then putting them in sports and letting that team be your shared rooting interest, but that’s a big risk. What if your kids don’t show an interest in playing sports? Another way around this would be to have a team that you both hate. I’m not a fan of having a negative feeling as a bonding agent, but a shared interest is a shared interest. I’m willing to bet people meet and fall in love at political protests all the time, so an anti-San Antonio Spurs fan forum is certainly an appropriate place to go looking for love.

Read the full letter here

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