Proof I was here, and that I had fun trying to make sense of it all

2015: A Year of Writing

I bought expensive pens.

2015 is a year that I want to spend writing, and I bought expensive, roller-ball gel pens that feel just right in my hand, in hopes that it would get me excited about the prospect of all this writing I’d be doing.

Of course, all my writing is on the computer, but still- I really liked the pens, so…

I run a few different websites, so I have plenty of outlets, but I want this blog to exist as a space where I can develop, mold, muse and bring in to focus various ideas that pop into my head.

I didn’t set any goals for the amount that I want to write, what I want to write about, or what I want to accomplish with my writing. I just bought some expensive pens, and I’m ready to get going.

Now, in a completely unrelated matter- does anyone know how to get ink off of a computer screen?

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