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There Are Things I Don’t Have To Teach You Because You’re American White Boys

My latest post on The Dad Letters was something I wanted to share with my sons in reaction to some of the recent and reoccurring news stories about hardships that seem to weigh heavily on races, nationalities, cultures, religions and a gender that my boys and I don’t share. I never want my part-native, but very white-looking sons to ever have to apologize or feel guilty for the privilege they were born into. I also never want them to neglect to recognize that others face legitimate hardships based on circumstances they can’t control, and deserve to be empathized with and treated with dignity and love.

Here’s an excerpt:

We live in a racially confused society. We think that celebrating diversity is more about pointing out differences than recognizing humanity despite those differences. We think that progress is a solution rather than the beginning of an uphill climb. We think that political correctness inoculates us from our own predispositions to prejudice. We think prejudice is an incurable affliction. We think justice and equality are the same. We use the guise of fairness as perfume for our racial enmities.  We are wrong on race and culture more often than we are right, and we rarely admit this is a “we” issue.

Read the rest HERE.

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