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Coaches and Recruiters Not Doing Enough on Social Media Behavior

I wrote the following opinion piece for on the current climate of behavior control/enforcement when it comes to colleges who are recruiting elite athletes with a social media presence. I’ve long wondered why such a large effort is put into deterring student/athletes from behaving like jackasses online, yet they don’t do what’s really necessary to curb the issue- release the names of the kids they supposedly revoked scholarship offers from. The reason they don’t? Well, then they’d have to be more consistent across the board.

Here’s an excerpt:

The problem with the current way we’re trying to scare kids into behaving correctly is that for every one athlete (that a parent or coach doesn’t know the name of) losing a chance at a scholarship- any student-athlete can quickly name 5-10 high-profile recruits who are posting things they shouldn’t on social media, and seemingly doing so without consequence. Often times, they know kids who are committed to some of the same schools that one of these cautionary tales leaked out from. Naming the athletes you choose to withdraw offers to, and the reasons why you did it, will give student athletes a concrete example of what not to do, and it will give athletic programs a consistent standard to attempt uphold so that they remain credible on these issues.

Read the rest HERE.

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