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I Just Wanted to Let You Know That I Saw a Toad

Here’s my latest post on The Dad Letters: “I Just Wanted To Let You Know That I Saw A Frog.” In it I write to my three sons about the reasons behind my motivation to show them all the wonders of the world.

The Dad Letters


When I started to form this letter in my mind, the three of you were passed out in the backseat of our small car. We had just spent four days cooling off in the mountains of Colorado, and now, under the cover of night, I was trying to see how much of the 12 hour drive home I could finish before you even realized we were on the road. At around midnight I pulled the car over at a Southern Colorado rest stop.

I’ve driven through the night on the I-25 more times than I can remember, and one thing I’ve found is that no amount of caffeine can replace the re-energizing power of splashing ice cold water on your face, and then turning the hand dryer spout upside down and giving yourself a quick brain freeze. Sure, it sounds weird, but I’m just trying to keep you all…

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