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My Top 5 Alarm Clock Songs

I haven’t had to use an alarm clock much in the last decade. My wife always has her alarm softly set to either a top 40 or country radio station, which is enough to wake her up, but I rarely hear it go off. My alarm clock is usually either one of our kids jumping on my back around 5:50am, or if they’re gracious enough to not use me as a trampoline, then my wife’s blowdryer almost always does the trick. I’m making it a goal in the near future to start waking up earlier than the rest of the family, and in order to do that, I need to set an alarm. I’m definitely not going with the traditional, coarse, default buzzing noise. While it does the trick, I feel like it sets the wrong, well, “tone” for the rest of the day. I definitely can’t go with radio, because I don’t want the first thing I hear in the morning to be either a car commercial or a DJ telling fart jokes.

It has to be a preselected song– and because I’m totally convinced that the plot of Groundhog Day is a feasible occurrence, it has to be a song I won’t get sick of. Phil (Bill Murray) probably wouldn’t have killed himself so many times if he had one of these songs playing on his alarm clock instead of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

5) Thank You- Boys II Men

What better way to start the day than thankful? The song is upbeat, dynamic and makes you want to move. I don’t ever dance or anything, so maybe it can just help me move out of bed. The only downside is that I’d want to let it play through. My wife would kill me. Best to program my phone so it starts at the breakdown around 2:50. That’s the best part anyway.

4) I Love You Always Forever- Donna Lewis

I don’t care what you think. I’m married. I have no one to impress. Besides, if your man tells you that he hasn’t sung the chorus to this song at the top of his lungs when there’s no one else in the car, he’s a damn liar.

3) Friday Night Lights Theme Song- Snuffy Walden

FNL is one of the best things on the entire planet. The theme song is perfect for an alarm clock because, in my experience, this song has always been the precursor to something incredible. The only downside is that it’s 49 seconds long, and it kind of makes me want to stay in bed and dream about better days– namely when this show was still on television.

2) We Are The Champions- Queen

The obvious choice, right? It has some pitfalls, in that getting through the day without making 500 mistakes is already a big enough pride-killer, and I’m not exactly walking into each day expecting to be the “champion” of anything. Apart from setting completely false expectations, it’s the perfect wake up tune.

1) Headwires- Foo Fighters

This is one of Dave Grohl’s most under appreciated tunes. It’s perfect. It’s not so heavy that it would jar me awake, it’s got a driving beat, and it just FEELS like a sunrise song. Also, I have no friggen clue what the song is about, so I don’t have to waste any time being introspective about lyrics or anything like that.

What would your perfect alarm clock song be?

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