Proof I was here, and that I had fun trying to make sense of it all

My Favorite Things On The Internet: 6/22

Here are the ten things I enjoyed most on the world wide web this week.

10) This is how I found out I’m supposed to support America in the World Cup

9) You Are Not Alone

This is so funny that I’m surprised it isn’t completely taking over people’s Facebook feeds.

8) What’s Your Writing Routine?

Ever wonder how Maya Angelou or Ernest Hemingway were so productive? Read Chris Hill’s post on his Song of the Sea God blog.

7) What it Takes To Be A Writer

Jack Steiner updates his blog with quality content all the time. This stream-of-consciousness on what it takes to be a writer motivated me to try and up my game.

6) There May Not Be A Place For You In The Church: And That’s A Good Thing

Kayla Lemmon is a great blogger, and I found this to be a refreshing take on what it means to be an outsider in an established institution.

5) Cancer Needs A Better Publicist

Brian at Dashing Dad makes a few proposals to big bad cancer to help improve its image.

4) 10 Discontinued Junk Foods That My Son Will Never Get A Chance To Eat

Zach Rosenberg of 8 Bit Dad left out Green Squall PowerAde and Dr. Slice, but it’s still a great list.

3) Rainbow-Cake Recipe Inspires Comment Apocalypse

This is a magical combination the funniest and most maddeningly depressing things about the internet.

2) Keith Olbermann remembers Tony Gwynn

I wrote about Tony Gwynn, a personal hero of mine who passed away this week, and read many other tributes. Still, nothing comes close to this touching goodbye from Keith Olbermann.

1) A Letter to Cole

The Dad Letters gets a guest post from Justin Anderson, who writes a letter to his son a letter about strength, manliness, and the pressure society puts on men to mute their natural manliness instead of harnessing it for good.

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