Proof I was here, and that I had fun trying to make sense of it all

My 10 Favorite Things On The Internet: 6/15

Here are ten things I enjoyed on the good ‘ol World Wide Web this week (Well, the ten things outside of this VERY IMPORTANT post on how you can help out a cancer-stricken fellow blogger).


Go there, then type in the konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a). Keep pushing ‘a.’ Raptors in hats!

9) Finding My Way to Fatherhood

I love the way blogger/author Whit Honea writes. I especially love the way he describes growing out of the affectionate love a father and son have for each other and into “two grown men in the shade of all that we built, awkward with gratitude and loving one another.”

8) The 50 States of America if They Were High School Kids

Some of these come of as dumb or half-assed, but they completely make up for it with their hilarious descriptions of Kansas and New Mexico.

7) Can Jason Whitlock Save ESPN’s Black Grantland From Himself?

I’d only read this if you have a solid half hour to kill, and if you’re interested in the direction of African American sports journalism. Greg Howard does an amazing job here.

6) My Daughter Throws A Fit

“an unvarnished tale of how sometimes shit gets shitty and then it gets a little better.” I can sympathize. Great stuff from John Kinnear.

5) A Grown Ass Man’s Guide To Super-Hard Old Nintendo Games

It’s exactly what the headline says. And it’s awesome.

4) Letter to My Absent Father, for Father’s Day

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the letter format. It’s cathartic, and can allow you to say things you might not have been able to otherwise verbalize. Josh McCumber writes a letter to his absent father seems to capture the universal sentiment of men trying to learn what it’s like to be men without the most important man around.

3) You Want Beef, Homie?

2) The Tragedy at Reynolds High School

Steve Valdez is a friend of mine. He’s also a youth minister in Troutdale, Oregon, where another school shooting took place this week. He was on campus in the aftermath, and describes what he believes is the only solution to both the pain these shootings cause, and the pain that causes these shooters to act out.

1) A Collector of Fathers

Nikki Deleon wrote a guest blog for The Dad Letters on Father’s Day that will remind you of the impact that a father can have- or not have. Her life growing up without contact from her father led her to pinpoint exactly what she appreciates in those who ARE good fathers. This is an absolute, must-read.

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