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I Wish I Was Single…?

My latest post for The Dad Letters. It was meant to be a guest blog for a smartphone dating app called Instamour, but after a few rounds of suggested edits and questions about whether or not a blog should have a thesis statement, I kindly withdrew my offer to write for the site and published it as a letter to my sons. I’m not sure what business I had writing for a dating website anyway- that’d be like asking Stephen Hawking to help you move into a second story apartment, but I still believe in the sentiments I expressed in this post. The more you pursue your significant other, the better your relationship.

The Dad Letters


I’ve been married to your mother for eight years now, and sometimes I just wish I could be single again.

Don’t get me wrong— I love your mom. In fact, it’s because I love her that I’d do anything to get out of this relationship.

I feel like this is coming across the wrong way… hear me out.

Single people who are pursuing a mate have something that I, and every other married person on the planet needs— they have the desire and stamina to participate in “the chase.”

You see, one of the biggest problems with marriage is that the best way to maintain a healthy one is to continue to pursue the other person as if they haven’t yet uttered “till death do us part” in front of a room full of witnesses. The easiest trap to fall into as a betrothed citizen is…

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